Thursday, May 2, 2013

Our Last Baby

Many thoughts have been swirling through my mind in the last few weeks. The thought that has been pressing itself out the most is, "He's your last one. Drink him up. Enjoy this baby." We finalize our baby boy's adoption in less than a month and then I will bombard this blog with pictures of his beautiful face. For now, I am loving watching his little body crawling all over our house. He pulls himself up on the coffee table and carefully reaches for the couch. He crawls to me and claps his hands, meets my eyes and smiles because he is so happy. I ask him for a kiss and he leans forward and gives me a sweet, slobbery kiss.

Having this baby around has shown me how big my older babies really are now. Sad, sad, sad!!! The pictures below are about two years old. Time continues to pass and my kids continue to grow. I know that the stages they are all in do not last forever and I am trying to stop doing the dad blamed laundry long enough to see each one of them and really enjoy them. If you got babies, go squeeze 'em. Good night.

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