Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Funny Kid Stories

The twins are nearing three years old, yet they still love to put everything in their mouths. I was getting ready yesterday and walked into the kitchen to see Vivian wiping her mouth on a white kitchen towel. It looked like she'd eaten chocolate. The conversation went like this:

Me: Vivian, did you get into some chocolate? Where did you find chocolate?
Vivian: Not chocolate. Dirt.
Me: We don't eat dirt. Where did you find dirt?
Vivian: Bubby's shoe. (insert large grin on her dirty face here)
Gramm: It's not dirt, it's mud!

The twins have been sick for the last week and have both been very cuddly. I hate the sickness, but I love the cuddles. I was holding Brooklyn cradle-style today and I saw something white on her finger and then she put her finger in her mouth. I assumed it was a booger and I said, "Brooklyn, we don't eat boogers." Brooklyn says, "Not booger. Fingernail." I said, "Please spit it out." Brooklyn says, "All gone!" and grins from ear to ear.

Gramm has been especially sweet lately. Last night, I made some super yummalish cookies. He ate a good dinner so we let him have a cookie. After he ate his cookie, he came to me, put his little hand on my knee, leaned forward and said, "Mommy, that cookie was so good. Can I please have another one?" Precious! Of course I said yes!

Sometime in the last couple weeks, Justin was playing with Vivian and Brooklyn and Gramm was playing alone in his room. I knew that Gramm needed some time with me, so I went in to hang with him while he played. When I walked in to his room, he said, "Mama, you can lay down on my bed." The little guy knows Mommy is ti-red. :) I laid down and was chatting with him and he says, "It's so nice to have this time alone with you, Mama." And comes and gives me the sweetest hug and kiss. The kid kills me!!! So thankful to be a Mama to these three little sweeties.

B on left, V on right.
Gramm in his Joseph costume on Christmas morning. Teeheehee. :)
B on left, V on right. They got into this delish chocolate cake that my sister, Andrea, made. Little stinkers. :)

Thursday, January 6, 2011

New Year's Resolutions

I love New Year's resolutions. I really do. I came across last year's resolutions in my lovely, over-stuffed planning notebook. They were:

  • love more
  • forgive more
  • maybe learn to play the guitar
Well, whether I wanted to or not, I really had to love and forgive more this year. Come to think of it, 2009 was also filled with lots of opportunities to love and forgive. Oh, and I tried to learn to play the guitar then, too! I'm still working on the guitar. Maybe this is a theme? Maybe Someone is trying to tell me something? :)

This year's resolutions:

  • love more
  • forgive more
  • have tea parties with my precious girls often
  • give my little guy more of my time without resentment
  • read books my husband recommends. This is hard for me because I am an avid reader, but the hot hubster and I don't exactly have the same taste in books. I really should get him to read Redeeming Love. ;)
  • make a significant dent in our mortgage. We are currently paying on the principal of our house while simultaneously saving money for our next house.
  • be content in our current house.
Okay, so that's all. I really just want to live in my life more. Love my kids, my man, my house. Edith Schaeffer recommends making whatever home you are living in your "cottage by the sea". This little house is our cottage and I'm gonna love it and not be a big whine bag and discount God's gracious blessing of provision. Happy New Year!!