Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We have a lot going on this week.
First off, we are getting a new roof. Very exciting. JK. Dave Ramsey would be proud of me if he only knew how I wheeled and dealed to get the best price on our roof.
Secondly, we are on the home stretch of paying off our debt. We've worked and worked to pay off our van and my student loan and it looks like our day is coming. Please say a prayer for us. I am so ready to be done with debt.
Thirdly, both babies are going to start walking soon. They are so cute and will just stand up and act like they are thinking about walking and then plop down and crawl.
Fourthly, the end of this week will be the one year mark for my babydad's "new" job. It took him about six months (maybe longer) to finally land this job and we were so excited for him to get it. A year later, we are still loving it and are very grateful that the Lord blessed us in this way.
And, fifthly, I am back on the FlyLady wagon. I'm here to tell ya, I think it's working. Baby steps, y'all.
Sixthly, I've been wearing my skinny jeans for a week now. Yes, they fit. I can breathe, talk and even bend over while wearing them without even worrying about passing out. Praise the Lord! Here's to nursing twins!

Over and out peops. Gotta bless my hizzy. xoxoxo

Saturday, May 16, 2009

With a little lard and some tenderness

As all three of my readers know, I love to cook. I took my love of cooking to all new heights last weekend when I rendered lard. Why would I render lard, you ask? Well, the simple answer is this: lard is a very suitable substitute for shortening and is much better for me than all that hydrogenated Crisco-ey goodness. I know many of you are balking at the word "lard", but hey, Mama's little baby loves shortening and a girl's gotta have some fun in the kitchen, right? Right? So, on with the pics:

First the fat back:

Then, I chopped it up and threw it in a pan and cooked it till these little chitterlings browned, then I removed them and strained the lard:

Am I the only one thinking of Tina right now? (Napoleon Dynamite, "Eat your food, you fat lard!")
Anyhow, the strained lard looked like this:

Yummy. Nice cup of hot fat. I think that's a line from The Hobbit...maybe...
And, then I let it harden in the fridge and I used it to make my Mother-in-law a yummy blackberry cobbler for Mother's Day. Check out the golden, flaky crust below:

Three cheers for lard! And, if you really want to technically know why lard is your friend, here's a link that might be helpful, which also includes a more in depth look at how to render lard:


Sunday, May 10, 2009

Mother's Day

It's about 10 a.m. on Sunday and I am enjoying a little bit of quiet while the girls are sleeping. The big boy is about to go outside and play in the puddles in our yard. My sweet hubby has made an effort to give me a great weekend...he took me out to dinner, let me get some beautiful flowers and then let me have Saturday morning to myself so I could plant flowers and work in my vegetable garden. This day is just a reminder to me of how blessed I am...three beautiful children, a great Mom, a wonderful Mother-n-law, the best Nana ever and lots of other young Moms around me to sharpen me as we raise our children. I am the only non-expectant mother in the pic below. :)