Friday, September 30, 2011

Making it work, part 3--When your Babydad is out of Town

I started a "Making It Work" series months ago. Part 1, Breakfast with the Bertmans, which is mostly about quick devotionals with my babes, is here. Part 2, Giving Your Man the Night Off, is here.

My husband travels for work a few times a year. I am a big baby and hate to stay by myself. In the past, when he's traveled I've had friends sleep over with me or I've spent a few days with my wonderful Nana and Grandpa who love on us and help me with the kiddos.

During Justin's last trip, I tried something different. He was gone about six days and I only spent one or two of those days with my grandparents. The rest of the time, I braved it at home, with or without a bible under my pillow to ward off anything skeery. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by every single task that needed to be done, I just did them. I tried my best to stay calm and be nice to the kids no matter how I felt. When Justin came home, he was pleasantly surprised by a happy wife, orderly home and non-traumatized children. ;)

A few things that helped me while J was away:
  • I tried to get all my work done before the kids went to bed. As soon as the kids were in bed, I either relaxed with a book or a movie or I had a friend over for coffee. I am a HUGE extrovert, so some adult time was really great for me. If you are an introvert, I would recommend planning down time.
  • I ran a very tight ship where discipline was concerned. I knew that if I started letting things slide, the kids would go nuts and misbehave a lot.
  • I did not cook dinner. I made a big batch of tomato basil soup (read: chick food) before J left. We ate that, pb&j, sushi from Kroger, etc. The kids still had nutritious meals, but they were very simple.
  • I made sure that I was recharging spiritually by praying and reading the Word when I could. Praying for Justin while we are apart really brings me peace and protection from fear.
  • I went to bed early so that I would be well rested and ready for the day ahead.
  • I did not try to get any projects done. My "project" was taking care of the kids and keeping the house from falling down around us. :)
  • I dressed to shoes and wore make up most days. This helps me immensely on any given day.
If any of you have traveling husbands, I hope that these tips help you while your man is away.

Sunday, September 4, 2011

First Days of School

Gramm started Comm. Central on August 1. Gramm is in Kindergarten and Comm. Central is like a one day a week homeschooling co-op. It's wonderful. Handsome boy below:

I love this kid:

Vivian and Brooklyn wasted no time in getting ready to par-tay once brother left for school! We spent the morning with my mom (aka Shermee) and had a ball.

The girls started preschool on August 25. They will go two mornings a week and they are absolutely LOVING it. My mother-in-law is their teacher. She has taught at this same preschool for over 20 years. Gramm attended preschool there as well. One huge bonus of preschool is that Gramm and I have an absolute BLAST getting his school done when it's just the two of us. Brooklyn on left, Vivian on right. Those girls give the best hugs!

Vivian on left, Brooklyn on right. I actually got a little teary when I dropped them off at school. The time with these two has just flown.

Of course, brother had to get in on the action. He's kissing Brooklyn. :)

The girls with their teacher, also known as Mimi. We'll see if they call her Mrs.Janet by the end of the year like the rest of the kids.

When I picked the girls up, they came running to me wearing HUGE smiles and the adorable sticker you see below. It says, "I had a great first day!" Again, tears. Bless it! So thankful for these three sweethearts! (vivi below)