Sunday, June 7, 2015

Things We Are Enjoying

We are enjoying catching crawly things in the creek behind our house. 

I'm loving hearing my baby boy fill our house with his chattering. 

These two did not love soccer season, but don't they look so cute!? We are enjoying unstructured, unplanned time with our fam on Saturday mornings instead of soccer games. 

 My girls are still into dolls and play with them daily. I love this sweet age!!
The bigs had their end of the year piano recital.
This is the morning our neighborhood pool opened. The bigs slept in their swimsuits the night before and were among the first kiddos to jump into the freezing cold pool! 
My big boy and his buddy got to have a late night snack on our back porch. 

We are enjoying life going slow, not doing school, not having a schedule and just being together. There is something so sweet about spending my days with my little chicks and I am so thankful. And sometimes tired. But mostly thankful.