Wednesday, February 26, 2014

How to Have Fun With Your People

Take the baby to the zoo for the first time ever. He will smile. You will smile. A lot. 

Take the twins and the baby to the flower and garden show. They will last maybe 45 minutes. Buy a really pretty bird feeder and get a burger on the way home. 

Let your kids join you occasionally during your quiet time...they are watching you. This girl's journal entry, "I love you God. So much. You are the sweetest."

Make a cape for the cutest four year old in your life. 

Last but not least, don't do the laundry. Pray that you will someday get caught up. Look forward to Summer when your family lives in bathing suits, sundresses, shorts, and flip flops.

Sunday, February 2, 2014

Life Lately

My big boy taught himself how to eat with a spoon.

My babydad and I cleared out this little space and are prepping it to become a playhouse. Shhhh...don't tell the kids!

I made goat cheese biscuits for a neighborhood girlie dinner partay spear headed by my genius pal, Julie.

My babe discovered cheese dip while on a mommy and kids date with one of my faves. Obviously, he enjoyed it. :)

New baby monitor to replace broken one. Thx Craigslist. Love watching this boy.

All three kids did a week's worth of chores like a bunch of tiny rock stars! They spent their allowances on craft supplies. So fun!!!

The twins got to go with me to the eye doctor. Guess what they got to play with? Chopsticks! The only remotely fun things in my purse.

We got new windows! Our house is warmer, quieter and so much more pleasant.

My big boy was sick this week with tummy troubles. We got a redbox movie and snuggled up. He strongly recommended I stay off my phone during the movie. Point taken, son.

This baby continues to just wrap his daddy and I around his little finger. He smiles and laughs more than he ever has. He runs everywhere. He loves food. I'm so glad I get to be his mom.

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