Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Low Key Holidays

We decorated for Christmas today. My new decorating policy is below:

If it takes more than two hours, it's going back in the attic till next year.

I am embracing the truth that it doesn't have to be perfect to be beautiful. I was wrapping our tree with some burlap ribbon. I couldn't get it right. I headed to the computer to look up a picture of how to wrap a tree with burlap. My wise 9 year old stopped me and said, "Mom, it looks good. It looks like you. I like the way you did it. You don't need some silly picture off the internet to show you how to do it. It looks like you." The kids hung 95% of the ornaments and I did not rearrange them. We had fun.

Our stockings don't match but they are still lovely. 

We hosted Thanksgiving for my babydad's fam this year. I had so much fun setting the table and the bar. I took one picture. Ooopsie. I was busy enjoying our people. We got our turkey from Freckle Face Farms. It was divine. 

So y'all, get off pinterest and go throw some lights and ornaments on the tree and have fun. Relax. Sit on the couch. Drink some hot tea. Take a nap. Tis the season to chill out.