Monday, November 30, 2009

Giving Thanks

As always, an eventful Thanksgiving was had by our family. Gramm puked his little guts up on Thanksgiving Day and had to sit out the evening festivities. I was already at Shermee's house with the twins when the aforementioned illness took place. It was not fun being away from my boy when he's sick. Daddy took excellent care of him and Gramm was feeling better in no time. The rest of our weekend was wonderful and we had some fab family time and lots of laughs.

The girls are really into climbing right now. Our sweet friends gave us a slide and the girls have had so much fun climbing and sliding on their new toy!

Vivi front and center.
Brooklyn sliding.

In other news, both babies are officially weaned. I know, they are nearing two. I know they are not babies anymore, but I am still sad! I love nursing my babies. Vivi weaned herself a few months ago, but little Miss Brooklyn was holding on. It's been two weeks since I stopped nursing her and she still asks to nurse when she's upset. Somebody help me, the child breaks my heart!

I am working on this advent calendar for my boy this afternoon. Since I am no longer nursing a babe, I have a bit more energy and am trying to give up my afternoon nap. :)

Hope you all enjoyed a weekend with family. xoxoxo

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Gift from my son

My sweet Mom took my son on a little date last week. During the date, my Ma had Gramm pick out a necklace to give me as a present. Gramm presented the necklace to me with great joy and I proudly wore it last night. As I was tucking Gramm in at bedtime, he commented on how good the necklace looked and said I should wear it everyday. See, I have a teensy tiny problem with that. I love my son. I love gifts. But I don't do gaudy jewelry. And, the necklace, as pretty as it is, resembles a purple and silver dream catcher.

I was thinking over this situation today and the Lord taught me a little lesson. There are lots of things I don't "do". For example, I don't do shoulder pads. I don't do spandex. These things are just not my style and I choose to avoid them. My propensity toward being opinionated flows into other areas of my life as well, sometimes good and a lot of the time not so good. Many of the things God has chosen for me are choices I would never make for myself, but they are all good because they are from Him. It's never been my "style" to have a large family. Here we are with three little ones with foster or adoptive children to come. I don't "do" strong-willed children. I don't "do" apologies to other parents for the random acts of unkindness my child(ren) has committed against their little cherub. But, these are all things I've been blessed to receive and experience from the hand of our Father. He has chosen this place for me. This is a pleasant place and I am immeasurably blessed. Though my personality and my inflexibility may disagree, the Lord of my heart tells me this is His best and it is good. I will choose to embrace these blessings and learn from them and not wish for anything else. God, please mold me.

And, I will wear the necklace.

Thursday, November 5, 2009


Hey Friends:

I've been incognito lately because we are renovating our house. It's been going on for nearly two weeks now and life has been a big ole adventure. When I get my computer set up again and I don't have to use my man's computer, I will post pics. Our crib is pimp.

Love to you all.