Saturday, January 23, 2010

Update on Foster Care and Adoption

Yesterday at noon we submitted every last bit of paperwork needed to open our home to foster and adoptive children through the state. We are waiting on a call from a social worker to schedule our first home study. After our first home study, the social worker may give us a few things to do to the house or our paperwork, and then schedule a second home study to officially open our home. As soon as our second home study is complete, we will be ready to get a baby! YAY! I am so relieved to have all the paperwork submitted. Now we wait. Justin and I are both a bit anxious. Pray for peace for our family. Please pray for the little ones the Lord has in line for us to love and nurture. Pray for Gramm, Vivi and Brook during this time.

Will keep you all updated as we know more.
Love to you all.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010


I have been following this blog for a couple of years now. The writer, Jaime, is a friend of a friend of mine from Nashville, TN. Jaime and her husband have a heart for adoption. They have one biological son, one domestically adopted son, a daughter adopted from Haiti and a son they are in the process of adopting who still lives in Haiti. Their little guy who lives in Haiti is living in an orphanage outside of Port Au Prince. He is doing fine as well as the other children in the orphanage. You can read more about the orphanage here. The orphanage is run by Christians who care for the children and offer medical care to the surrounding community. While looking at the pictures of all the damage in Haiti, I was overwhelmed with a desire to help. I am sure many of you feel this way as well. If you would like to help financially, the orphanage mentioned above has a donate button on the right side of their webpage. Donations can be made through paypal. There is also an address on the page if you would like to mail a gift the old fashioned way. :) Keep in mind that several of the pictures on the page may be a bit graphic.

Praying for hope for the Haitian people.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Happy New Year

Brooklyn, Vivian and Gramm

Our Year in Review

It’s been wild,

It’s been fun

Our baby girls turned ONE!

Sleeping through the night was a welcome change,

And Mommy and Daddy were much happier in exchange.

The girls love babies, blankies and big brother’s toys,

They enjoy dancing, snuggling and reading picture books with stories.

Gramm is our big four year old who loves to run and play,

He’s had a very busy year filled with preschool, reflux, and parents to obey.

His reflux is on the mend and his beautiful voice is raring to go,

His favorite song, “Oh how He loves you and me!” is now frequently sung with gusto.

We praise the Lord for these precious gifts,

Our children who bring joy to our hearts and sweet kisses to our lips.

With a home full of love and lives saved by grace,

We’ve decided it’s time to share His love with children who need a place to stay.

With confidence we pray for our home to be open this Spring,

to whatever children the Lord will bring.

Adoption and foster care are on the table

As we trust in our God who is able.

Please pray for us as we take this step,

We need faith, wisdom, patience and lots of help.

Our hearts are at peace, our life is good,

Happy New Year, friends, we hope you enjoy 2010!