Saturday, January 23, 2010

Update on Foster Care and Adoption

Yesterday at noon we submitted every last bit of paperwork needed to open our home to foster and adoptive children through the state. We are waiting on a call from a social worker to schedule our first home study. After our first home study, the social worker may give us a few things to do to the house or our paperwork, and then schedule a second home study to officially open our home. As soon as our second home study is complete, we will be ready to get a baby! YAY! I am so relieved to have all the paperwork submitted. Now we wait. Justin and I are both a bit anxious. Pray for peace for our family. Please pray for the little ones the Lord has in line for us to love and nurture. Pray for Gramm, Vivi and Brook during this time.

Will keep you all updated as we know more.
Love to you all.


  1. I love that your hearts are OPEN!!!! Thank you for loving Orphans. WOW! I am praying for exactly what you have asked for....PEACE! I have written you name down to pray for EVERY FRIDAY! Know that you are loved and that I think the WORLD of you!