Tuesday, May 26, 2009


We have a lot going on this week.
First off, we are getting a new roof. Very exciting. JK. Dave Ramsey would be proud of me if he only knew how I wheeled and dealed to get the best price on our roof.
Secondly, we are on the home stretch of paying off our debt. We've worked and worked to pay off our van and my student loan and it looks like our day is coming. Please say a prayer for us. I am so ready to be done with debt.
Thirdly, both babies are going to start walking soon. They are so cute and will just stand up and act like they are thinking about walking and then plop down and crawl.
Fourthly, the end of this week will be the one year mark for my babydad's "new" job. It took him about six months (maybe longer) to finally land this job and we were so excited for him to get it. A year later, we are still loving it and are very grateful that the Lord blessed us in this way.
And, fifthly, I am back on the FlyLady wagon. I'm here to tell ya, I think it's working. Baby steps, y'all.
Sixthly, I've been wearing my skinny jeans for a week now. Yes, they fit. I can breathe, talk and even bend over while wearing them without even worrying about passing out. Praise the Lord! Here's to nursing twins!

Over and out peops. Gotta bless my hizzy. xoxoxo

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  1. I am working on getting to my skinny jeans too... Gotta long way to go but I am feeling very optimistic and motivated for the first time!!!! it is not so much about weight but healthy lifestyle!!!!! We need to get together now that it is nice out. DO you have a pool to go to? We are at our neighborhood pool and would love to have you visit...