Sunday, March 24, 2013

My Ma's Apple Pie and Etc.

I was blessed with a mommy date with my boo, Julie. We went to one of our fave places, The Root Cafe. We both ordered The Root Benny which is two poached eggs served over bed of seasonal greens with Falling Sky ham and topped with our own hollandaise. It was divine. I made my own version at home and lurved it. I sauteed greens from Kellogg Valley Farms in bacon grease (don't hate), topped them with mozzarella cheese, green onions (also from KVF), cherry tomatoes and a poached farm fresh egg. So easy, so filling and so good. And, Julia Child taught me how to poach eggs. 

Friday night, my man and I had a dinner date at home. My man loves bread. I didn't have much time and I found this recipe for quick, no fail, french bread. Try it, y'all!! Takes a teensy bit more than an hour. Another thing my man loves is apple pie. His favorite apple pie is my mom's recipe so I made it for him tonight.

I remember my mom making this apple for my dad when I was a kid. My parents are divorced and they aren't exactly besties. Nonetheless, I have good memories of my mom making this pie for my dad. And, my dad and step-mom got me the wonderful pie plate for Christmas. And, my ma's recipe for all you peops who love to cook up something good, straight out of the old school Mt.Carmel Baptist Church Cookbook. 

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  1. I, for one, will never judge you for sauteing anything in bacon grease. =) The salad and the pie both look delish.