Thursday, March 21, 2013

Picnic Birthday Party for my Five Year Olds

 Everyone loves to get dressed up for a party, including big brother right? We started the celebration off  in the backyard with the bubble machine and my niece, Livi. 

 We read a quick little birthday book. 
We did a super fun and simple craft. I do believe that Brook and Vivi are happiest while doing crafts.
 Each child had his or her own picnic basket filled with fruit, ham and cheese roll ups, popcorn, a juice box and some fun party favors. 

 The weather was beautiful and the girls loved sitting on the quilt, eating their lunches and checking out all their new goodies. 

 The girls requested lemon cake with strawberry (i.e. PINK) icing. 

 And, a party's not a party unless you crank up the kindermusic and dance!! 

 We were showered with lots of wonderful, fun gifts. 
 Justin and I gave the girls these Hello Kitty bags filled with play lip gloss, fake nails, etc. They have been wanting these for about a year. Oh, the joy on their faces while holding those bags!

 We finished up the party by eating every last bit of fruit and enjoying the beautiful day. 
I absolutely loved this party. We kept it simple and really tried to do things we knew the girls would enjoy. While I had grandiose, pinterest-esque visions of table decor and other awesome yet time consuming things, none of that happened. What happened was a mama of four little ones loving her girls and giving them the time of their little lives at home with their cousins and brothers. And it rocked.  

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  1. Those pictures are so cute! I particularly love the little girl with the cute bow! It looks like so much fun! Simple pleasures cause less stress. :) Their dresses are so sweet and girly! What a fun day and good memory maker.