Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

Aslan the Great Lion and the two pink piggies wish you and yours a Happy Halloween!

Gramm's costume was super simple. I bought a black hoodie and made several large and small yarn balls and then safety pinned them to his hoodie, black pants and black gloves. I even made a tail that was PRECIOUS!

This is sweet little Brooklyn. I let the girls pick out their costumes and they chose the piggie costumes based on the color. These girls LOVE pink. I was never a pink lover and am still not a huge fan...I think they have some of Aunt Sharla's genes. :)

Vivian on the left, Brooklyn in the middle, Gramm on the right. Unfortunately, I didn't get a good pic of Vivi in her costume, so here's one of my sweet little Vivi in her every day attire.

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