Tuesday, May 18, 2010

somebody please keep me away from Babies R Us

We made a quick run to Babies R Us tonight. Our favorite bibs are sold there. The baby bug bit me about a year ago. Plans for foster care or adoption soon followed. My heart swelled at the thought of another baby, even a baby that was most definitely temporarily living in our home. As you all know, plans for foster care and adoption have been delayed until July of 2011. No big deal. Seriously. I waited through two pregnancies for three babies, I can wait for foster children.

But, the dang Babies R Us with all the cribs, carseats, strollers, bottles and the pacifiers. That place just makes people want babies.

Truth be told, the Lord has really settled my heart on this issue. I am happy and content where we are and my heart is filled with gratitude for our children.

Speaking of our children...they are pretty dang cute.

He finally lost that tooth. :( Here he is with his "tooth treat" (our own alternative to the tooth fairy). He chose chocolate ice cream and chocolate milk. The sky is the limit with this kid!

The babies love to play on our bed. They love to fight on our bed, too. Vivi has the bottle. Brook wants the bottle.

Vivi takes bottle. Brook mourns.

Vivi-tiv rejoices.

Fun times at Maumelle Park on a Sunday morning. B on left.


  1. I am so glad that you feel at peace about this. I hate how it all happened for you, but I am sure there is a reason....and really, July of 2011 is only a year away, and the time will go by quickly I bet. Things will be easier for you then b/c your kids are older. I know you would have done a great job now, but just look at it as the Lord wanted to make things a little easier for you. Will they still let you do respite? There is always someone needing a weekend break or something. I would think you might could just keep one without it being respite b/c you have had your background checks? Or, you can always come see me, and love on my baby for a bit :)

    I love Babies R Us...but have been able to keep myself away from there b/c the mom of our baby we had, (shaken baby) worked there, not sure if she still does, but never wanted to take the chance of running into her there. Can you believe, she got arrested for what she did, and still worked at that kind of store?

  2. Girl, I am the same way about Babies R Us or any other baby store or baby section for that matter.