Thursday, May 20, 2010

Some thoughts on Finances

I have spent the past couple hours folding laundry and watching Gilmore Girls. I decided that I needed to spend my time more productively and listen to some Piper.

I went to, went from the resource library to the topic index, entered "money" as the search and chose this sermon. I am now listening to it for the second time. I highly recommend listening to it when you get the chance. The sermon is not terribly long and is packed with solid, biblical encouragement in regard to money.

I'm going to recommend that my man listen to it at his earliest convenience. We strongly hold to the belief that God gives us money so that we can give to others, but I am sometimes swayed by my black heart. I am thankful that the Lord chose these words to minister to my heart and spur me on to good deeds. I hope it is inspiring to you and yours as well.

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