Saturday, June 21, 2014

Good-bye Phone and Facebook, Hello Summer

We started our Summer off right with a trip to the beach. 
My grandparents joined us and we had a lovely time. 

We came home to several weeks full of year-end activities. Brooklyn and Gramm played soccer, and Vivian finished her semester of gymnastics. 

The big kids (AKA Gramm, Vivian and Brooklyn) found this snake, named him Slither Fort Wild, and made him this "habitat" in an old box. Slither Fort Wild bit Gramm on one of his fingers the day of his piano recital. Gramm survived. 

And he made us all proud at his piano recital. 

We celebrated the one year anniversary of our baby boy's adoption. He loves strawberries and whipped cream which we had over brownies (of course!) on his special day. 

We started a very informal supper club with two other couples. We hosted the first night. I made lasagna, the other ladies brought dessert, salad, and bread.

These beautiful girls...they love me and I love them. I'm blessed. 

Front yard picnic for Gramm and his super fun and adventurous buddy, John Isaac. 

Vivian, Brooklyn, Roman and our sweet little girly friend, Caroline (John Isaac's sister), 
painted some huge boxes in our driveway. 

Do you wonder what was in those huge boxes? Our new swingset! The kids have been saving for a while for this swingset and my skilled hubby had it all set up in under 6 hours. 

Sometime after our trip to the beach, my hubby and I decided that I was just too attached to my phone. I've been putting it away during the day some and just generally trying to ignore it. I was letting my phone rule my life, steal my focus, and distract me to no end. Not having my face in my phone has been wonderful, but it's also shown me that I still spend too much time on the dad-blamed Facebook! Oh, Facebook! My big kids and my hubby all want me to get off Facebook. I want them to know I hear them and I want to show my family through my actions, that it is a joy and privilege and honor to be their wife and mother. My dear readers from Facebook, please subscribe to my blog, because I'm going to be off Facebook indefinitely. On the top right corner of this page is an area where you can subscribe to my posts by email, just enter your email address and my blog posts will come straight to your email inbox. Signing off for now, love to you all. 

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  1. I'm officially subscribing to your blog! I was wondering where you went on FB. Love seeing these pics of you and your family - makes me miss you even more. xoxo