Thursday, April 24, 2014

My Baby

Ro woke up the other night crying. We thought he was teething, his Daddy gave him tylenol, comforted him and put him back to bed. Within a few minutes, Ro's crying had escalated to an all out scream. I went to him, picked him up and sat down to rock him. He wrapped his little arms around my shoulders, laid down his head and very quietly said, "Mama." I said, "That's right, Mama's here." He slumped against me and sighed. That moment, and that sweet little sigh, was so precious to me.


Adoption has been better than I expected and harder than I expected. But, he knows that I'm his mama. He hardly ever says my name and really prefers to say, "Dada! Hi Dada!" whenever he sees his Daddy. And, that's okay because he knows he's my baby, and I know I'm his mama.

adoption day last May

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