Sunday, September 8, 2013

First Month of School and 13 Month Old Baby Update

We are just about a month into the school year. The first four weeks have been such a learning experience. I really have been shocked at how hard homeschooling three kiddos and corralling an adorably busy toddler has been for me. I wish I could bring you all a post saying that it's going great and I never get impatient and that my kindergarteners are speaking latin fluently, doing long division, reading the Iliad and that my second grader has begun translating the bible for unreached people groups, tutoring high school students in trigonometry and playing Canon in D blindfolded on the baby grand in our dining room. As it is, we do not have a baby grand and my children are normal. I am relatively normal and we are still working out the kinks in our days at home which I assume will continue to be an ongoing process for some time. 

One of our favorite book series are the Amelia Bedelia books. One of the books we read in the series talked about Amelia Bedelia making caramel apples. So, we made caramel apples. They were divine. 

And, my baby. This kid. I don't deserve him! He's so sweet, so stinking cute and so squeezable. He's 13 months old now. Here are his latest moves: 
  • walks, runs all the time and has been for months
  • loves his straw sippy cup
  • has just recently begun drinking and suckling on his bottle in a normal way. He has never been a good eater and has always struggled with his bottles until the last few weeks. 
  • because he is finally really enjoying feeding time, we are continuing to give him 2-3 bottles a day for nourishment of the heart and the body. Sweet, sweet bonding time. 
  • words: Gaaah!, mama, dada, bubba, aaaa oooo (thank you), now I know a couple of those aren't words, but whatever. I know what he means when he says them, which is pretty good. 
  • favorite food: applesauce. also loves grapes, plain yogurt, sweet potatoes, avacado, red beans and rice, chicken and rice, and hates scrambled eggs and cottage cheese. 
  • went to bible study with me this week and went to a group care setting for the first time since he's been in our home. When I waved good bye to him at the door, his eyes widened and filled with this little look of fear. I backed away slowly, thinking he would cry and I would rescue him. Fortunately, he was distracted by the other cute one year olds and did not cry at all. I walked down the hall to my class with tears in my eyes. 
  • loves bath time. Gets so excited and in the bath tub that I bathe him in the sink so that he won't flop all over the place and flood the bathroom with his constant splashing. :) 
  • is so loved. Justin and I cannot get enough of this kid. We both love watching him. Each child is a joy and a blessing. I had no idea that we'd ever have four kids, but I am so glad God had other plans. 

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  1. If you don't mind my asking...what is his ethnic background. He has such beautiful skin tone and dark eyes. I was just curious. I don't know if it is impolite to ask such things so forgive me if it is! He is beautiful!