Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The Royal Baby

We don't have a TV and I don't read much news because it depresses me. But, even I, in my own little world, cannot escape the news of the royal baby born yesterday. Of course I am always happy to hear about the birth of a baby. But, this news has really struck a chord in me. See, a year and two days ago, my son was born. My husband and I were busy moving all of our worldly goods into our new house. It was hot. We were tired. Our three kiddos were with my mom all day. And, the moment that our son was born passed very uneventfully for us. We didn't even know he was here and he was born in a hospital less than ten minutes from our home. I can barely even think about this...he came into this world and I was not there to snuggle him, swaddle him and celebrate his life...a life graciously given because his birth mother chose LIFE.

Our boy was placed in a loving, nurturing foster home very soon after he was born. Just three months later, he was in my arms and has not left yet. 

So, on Sunday, the day our babe turned one year old, we celebrated him. His favorite food at the moment is watermelon. We stuck a candle in a watermelon, bought a ridiculously priced baby toy, lit sparklers and sang "Happy Birthday" to our son. Our son!! He is ours! I wasn't there the day he was born, but I am here now and I'm. Not. Leaving. And, the celebrations will continue on into the next two weeks to include a joint brother birthday party and a baby shower for us thrown by precious friends. So, here's to life. I have a feeling that the angels celebrated for me the day my son was born even though I was clueless. In my mind's eye, I wonder if God was just rubbing his hands together, smiling, and thinking, "Just wait, Holly and Justin. I have a HUGE surprise for you guys in about three months." He loves to give us good gifts and we are grateful.

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  1. Holly!!! Love landing on your blog. it's been WAY too long! can't wait to hear your story about your adoption!! let's have a coffee date soon! big hugs to you and your precious little monkeys!!