Friday, February 8, 2013

Warm Weather and Good Books

The kids and I have been enjoying some unseasonably warm weather. We've taken almost daily walks and gone to the park several times. Getting outside and seeing my kids enjoy being outside brings me joy.

Speaking of joy, I am reading two great books right now that are chipping away at my guilt-ridden heart and bringing more peace and joy into my life and consequently, our home. Fit to Burst by Rachel Jankovic is a great book for mamas everywhere. Rachel is mom to six young kids and this book is a not-too-long, gospel-centered look at mothering. Get it, people. She also wrote Loving the Little Years which is another amazing book for moms of little ones. And, she has TWINS. Serious street cred right there y'all.

At my hubby's suggestion, I am also reading Desiring God by John Piper. I am barely into chapter one and it is rocking my world. Enjoy God? Accept the fact that I am pardoned from sin? Actually stop trying to pay for my mistakes (repeatedly at times)? What?! I don't know if I can do this. Either way, I am trying. I long to understand grace and feel it to the depths of my toes. I have prayed those exact words more than once. (And as an aside, can I just say that I LOVE John Piper. Truly. He just gets it.)

One more little thing I am enjoying is the Mom's One Line a Day Journal. The journal is set up so that you write one line a day for five years. I bought this last year and wrote a line most days of the year. It is super quick and so much fun. I love looking back at last year. So many milestones in 2012: selling our old house, buying a new one, saying goodbye to our first foster son, and welcoming into our home our baby boy who we hope to adopt in the near future. It was a great year and I am grateful for the ability to jot down my memories of these days with my little crew.

Happy Weekend!

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