Friday, January 4, 2013

Crazy Crazy Christmas

 Christmas started off with a bang this year. Gramm decided to make and sell ornaments in order to raise money for Gospel for Asia. He did odd jobs around the house and for his grandparents and raised over $100. I was so proud of this dude. He and his bud down the street combined their hard earned cizash and purchased several needed gifts for people in Asia.
 The month of December was very full with homeschooling the big boy, the twins at preschool and adjusting to life with a sweet little babe around (sorry no pics can be posted at this time).  We had about six different Christmas celebrations planned with family, the first one being at our house. This was our first time to host something in the new house. It was so much fun!! We had my mom and our crew over for our annual Christmas cookie bake off. Lots of cookies, appetizers and great convo.
B is a serious decorator...

Vivs is intent on eating sprinkles

The Grammster. Ate every cookie as he decorated :) 

 Our second Christmas event was at my man's parent's house. I cannot share details because our little boy is a foster child, but he became visibly ill after we returned from the in-law's. We spent two days in Children's Hospital. He is doing great now and we are thankful. I spent Christmas morning alone with our babe in the hospital. It was a sweet time but I missed my big kids like crazy. As soon as babe and I were released, we opened presents at home! Yay!! Lest you think we are perfect, sweet B had a meltdown before presents were opened. And, me with my greasy,
hospital hair got to give her some Mama lovins.
Reading the Christmas story

Vivs opening her much desired "pup-cake legos!!" 

B lurves all food, even fake food

My girly girl, B, loved her dress!

Ninjago for the boy, oh yes we did. 

All ready for snow, B on left. 

Tomato soup on a snowy day

My boos watching a Christmas flick and eating a yummy lunch.
About 2 hours after we got home from the hospital, the power in our house went out. It was out for 3 days. I did not enjoy that time at all. I was so ready to have Christmas at home with all four of my kiddos and I was just a big baby about the power outage. Either way, we survived and I've been cherishing my days at home with our healthy crew. Love to all.

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  1. Oh Holly! What a story! You are one SUPER MOMMA! I love you!