Sunday, December 12, 2010

Help! I need Christmas gift ideas!

Hey friends-- The twins are rounding the corner to three years old and are often bored with many of their toys. I need suggestions for what to get them for Christmas. They have a play kitchen with dishes that they love, plenty of outside toys, dolls and other random stuff. Any tips on what to get little girls who are 2 years and 9 months old? We already got them some dress up clothes, but that's about all I had as far as good ideas. All tips/suggestions are welcome! Thanks!


  1. vacuum. Lucy got one for her 3rd birthday and LOVES it. They make cute little girl ones that look alot like a real one for only like $20. She has also always loved cameras. You can get them as cheap as $5. Lu has one that makes comments every time you "take" a picture. "Smile" "You look pretty as a princess". These are things that came to mind when I read this. Hope it is helpful. Amy J

  2. Hey girl - you won my giveaway!! :-). Yay! Send me your address and I'll put it in the mail.

  3. hey chica,

    haven't talked to you in a while. this is Phoebe Ferguson if you remember me we should keep in tough. my email is