Sunday, April 11, 2010

Loose Tooth

Gramm has his first loose tooth. I was a little shocked that my almost five year old is already losing a BABY tooth. This is just one more sign that he is not a baby anymore. Upon inspecting said loose tooth this morning, I observed that the permanent tooth has already made it's way into my sweet son's mouth. How did this happen? He just started getting teeth recently....well, about 4 1/2 years ago. But, really, he is a baby boy. My sweet boy with chubby cheeks and tiny ears that were still smashed to the sides of his head when he was born.

And, he hasn't been walking that long. Again, just for a few years.

All of a sudden, he is a boy. Not a baby, but a boy. I love so many things about this boy: he still lets me smother him with kisses, he loves to cuddle, he asks great questions, he loves and protects his sissies, he has the biggest smile, he is passionate, he loves his daddy, he is entertaining, he has a beautiful singing voice, he can cut a rug with his moves, he runs "rea-lly faaaaaAAAAAAAST!", his little hand fits perfectly in mine, his favorite place to sit is mine or Justin's lap. I love being Gramm's mom. He has changed my life, brought me closer to Jesus and helped me learn how to love better. He is my little man. He will always be my baby.


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