Saturday, March 13, 2010

The Twins Turn 2!

We began our day with some breakfast and then a photo shoot. Brooklyn on the left.

Vivian on the left:

Someone (ahem Vivian) did not want to cooperate and got very mad. How can such a sad face be so dang cute?! Forgive the mullet/hat hair.

It's okay, though. She eventually found some dirt to eat and was happy again.

We took the whole fam out for pancakes for lunch. The babies love pancakes and who doesn't love IHOP? Brooklyn enjoying her very own cup with a straw!

Vivi waiting patiently for her yummy lunch.

After the babies woke up from their nap, I set up the sand/water table complete with water and all kinds of toys. At one point, both girls were standing on the water table. They loved it! Brooklyn on the left.
Mad Brook, happy Vivi.

Brook is happy again. She's thinking, "Wow, I am glad Shermee got us these cute dresses! They are just perfect for getting dirty!"

Then, we dried them off and ate. For their b-day dinner, I thought long and hard to plan a feast they would enjoy. I was going to roast a chicken, but ran out of time and settled on hot dogs from Whole Foods that were so yummy. Here's what each girl ate:

1 hot dog
1/3 cup homemade mac and cheese (raw cheddar, brown rice pasta, Pioneer Woman's recipe, sooooo goot)
1/2-3/4 cup strawberries
jello snack cup (Gramm chose this as a treat for everyone)
1 sugar cookie (birthday cookie, anyone?)
8 ounces raw milk

Beautiful Brooklyn:

This is a classic Vivi face. So darling. I love it!

I am extremely thankful for two wonderful years with our sweet girls. What a blessing and privilege it is to be a mother. I pray that Vivian and Brooklyn will follow Jesus all their days, delight to show mercy and always, always, always love.

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