Sunday, December 13, 2009

Feeling fine and 29

Saturday was my 29th birthday. It was a great day. And, since I'm a big sap, I'm going to list 29 things I am thankful for in random order. :) Call me Pat Sayjack, would ya.

1. My Mom, now known by some as "Pork Chop". Graduated first in her class from nursing school Friday night.

2. Ann Taylor LOFT. I am shallow. Love that store.
3. My husband...he always smells good.
4. Our garage. Did I mention that we have been renovating? Almost two months without my garage was killing me. I am now officially parking in the garage again.
5. My son asking me to sing, "Oh how He loves you and me" over and over and over. He sings along. :)

6. Vivi's scrunchy smile.

7. Brooklyn...the Mama's girl. She wants to snuggle a lot these days.
8. Nativity scenes that remind me of our Savior.
9. Gramm's school and his great teacher.
10. My man's 'rents. I have always been blessed with a good friendship with them both.
11. Warm shoes.
12. Sr. T's cheese dip and quesadilla rellena.
13. Folded laundry on the kitchen table...Thanks to my man. :)
14. Christmas cards.
15. Babies sleeping through the night. Don't try to tell me I don't have babies anymore. I might die.
16. Friends who write me sweet notes.
17. My hilarious sisters.
18. Love handles...if you can't beat 'em, join 'em!
19. Toys in my living room floor.
20. My dad and step-mom who took the kids for 24 hours this weekend so J and I could be ALONE!!!!!! It was wonderful.

21. My nana and grandpa's dog, Gracie. She once was lost, but now she's found. Sweet story I will share later.
22. U2
23. Local farmers who sell me good meat....haven't had a good burger in months, but I will very soon thanks to Petit Jean farms!
24. My son's mohawk...can't get enough of it!
25. Six months of being debt free aside from the house. Praise the Lord!
26. A clean bedroom.
27. Christmas music.
28. Vivi yelling "Hell-O, Mommy! Hell-O Daddy!" from her crib in the morning.
29. God's every morning. Thank You, Jesus.


  1. Happy birthday! I loved your list. Tell me about your meat people... I looked at the website... did you join the group? Are you getting the cow, pig and lamb deal? Where and when do you pick things up?

  2. Happy late birthday!!! Oh how I wish I were 29 again...

  3. Oh and it was really nice to meet you in person! I wish we could have talked more...It was kinda crazy going around that table and I was afraid I was going to spill my drink...:).

  4. Happy belated birthday! Congratulations to your mom. I am not one bit surprised! Blessings to you all!