Sunday, October 4, 2009

New Life

I love babies. I love them. They are so sweet. They smell good. They make me happy. This spring will bring two sweet little someones into my life.

My oldest sister, R, is pregnant with her first baby! She and her hubby are going to be the best parents ever! My three kiddos LOVE her and Gramm in particular thinks she is the bomb dig. She is so patient with him and even taught him how to say "sup dog" and wave his arm in front of his face if he pooted when he was a just a wee tot. She found out last Thursday that she is expecting a little girl. We had a picnic with the fam and talked about girl names and the like. I can't wait to meet my new niece. Sweet little HollyAndreaSharla (that's my niece's name at the moment) will be born in late February. Seeing as how we sisters all tend to go a week or more past our "due date", I would say Miss H.A.S. could be born in March. Pray for my sister. She goin' to be ready to get that baby OUT! Aunt R with baby Brooklyn:

And, one of my nearest and dearest gal pals is expecting. Julie has such a neat story. After years of infertility, two miscarriages and two failed adoptions, the Lord has blessed them with this little life. J and I were eating dinner at McAlister's when Julie called to tell me the news. I was in shock. J thought something bad had happened because I was speechless. After getting off the phone, J and I prayed for the Lord's hand on this sweet little miracle. Tears of joy and gratefulness filled my eyes and they still do when I think of God's provision for Julie and John. Please pray for our friends as their family grows. The babe is due sometime in May or June.

Julie has a super sweet relationship with my girls. They lurve her. Brooklyn has a special connection with Julie. The first time Julie ever came to my house, Brooklyn was about 10 months old and went right into Julie's arms. The little goobie proceeded to let Julie hold her and even laid her precious bald head on Julie's shoulder several times! Melt my heart! Julie and B last May:

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