Thursday, September 24, 2009


I am buried under page after page of paperwork for our application to become foster or adoptive parents. Y'all, it is insane. Some of what I am filling out is just general information, much like a job application, but the majority of it are personal questions that really make me think. For example, "Who makes the decisions in your family?" my answer: JB, HB and the internet "Who typically wins arguments?" my answer: Not me, dadgummit! "What makes you angry?" my answer: Why do you ask?!
You get the picture? When I finish this stack of paperwork, I think I will throw myself a little party with a movie, popcorn and a real coke. Yurm.

Also, we have our last big round of training this weekend which is also part of our requirements to become foster or adoptive parents. 15 hours in one weekend of classes. In one room. No sleeping allowed. Powerpoint is involved. HELP!

Please don't hear me complaining about what we need to do. The children we hope to love on and help are more than worth any amount of paperwork or time in a classroom. We are thrilled at the prospect of caring for each little one the Lord sends our way.

Hope you all enjoy the weekend. Pray for the Lord to make the most of our time in training. Also, pray for us as our sweeties will be lovingly taken care of by the grandparents most of the weekend. We start to miss the little goobies after a few hours.

In fact, here's a picture of each baby just to remind you all of the cuteness.

Gramm, getting his hair cut by your truly...the blow pop is always a sufficient bribe:




  1. Do you think you could cute Bowden's hair? I know he would never let me do it....

  2. Noah and Elijah want in line too. How about I cook dinner, and you cut hair? What about Jimmy?