Thursday, August 6, 2009

Overdue Vacay Post

Here are a few pics from our vacation. We had so much fun in Colorado and enjoyed lots of family time. We ate out a ton, I cooked very little and actually went shopping with three kiddos in tow. :) My man and I read The Count of Monte Cristo together during naptimes and at bedtime and it was great. I really enjoyed the book and the time with my babydad. We broke up the trip on the way there and here are a couple pics from the hotel room.

We celebrated the big boy's 4th birthday while in Colorado. It is so hard to believe that this sweet boy has been in our lives for four years. He has been a blessing from day one. I love his smile, his laugh, his voice and his sweet little boy smell. :)
Eating his birthday breakfast of choice; a "cashbrown".
Birthday dinner...he wanted mac-and-cheese, corn and fish sticks.

He'd been asking for chocolate cupcakes with chocolate icing, marshmallows and chocolate chips for his birthday for months. Love the randomness...

Below are random pics from our trip:

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