Monday, August 24, 2009

Bertram Family News

No, we are not pregnant. I do feel like I should be telling everyone that I am expecting a baby, but it's really too much to explain to a stranger in the Wal-Marts. Many of you know this already but as our family has begun moving forward, I decided it's high time the blog world knows our bidness. We are at the beginning stages of becoming foster parents. See, look, I've even been fingerprinted! Yay for background checks!

We had our first home walk through a couple weeks ago and submitted our first round of paperwork. We are going through the Call, which is an acrostic for Children of Arkansas Loved for a Lifetime. You can go here to read more about this wonderful organization. We will have our training in September followed by physicals, TB tests, CPR courses and more paperwork. We hope to have our home open to foster children by the first of the year. At this point we feel lead to take one child at a time, under one year of age. We are very excited about caring for the baby the Lord brings our way. We are open to foster care and adoption. Basically, we are open to love. It is our heart's desire to love, nurture and cherish the life of every little one He entrusts to our care however long or short that time may be. The unity that my man and I have felt through this whole process has been amazing. I will post the full story as time allows.

I do want to recommend a book to anyone interested in foster care or adoption. This book pushed me over the edge and just yanked so hard at my heart strings. It's The Middle Mom by Christie Erwin. I am giving one copy away to a randomly selected commenter. I've had the pleasure of getting to know the author and she has blessed me immensely and encouraged J and I as we begin this process.

So, comment away, peops. And, I must clarify this post and all future foster care/adoption related posts with the following statements: God has lead our family to this task. We do not think that every single family should adopt our views or foster our opinions. Pardon the puns. Teehehhee. Love to you all.


  1. HOLLY!!!!!! This is AWESOME! I can't wait to hear all about it! pick me...pick me!!!!

  2. Holly! I am so happy for you. This will be blessing to your family! I can't wait for the news! Rose

  3. Even if I don't win the book, I need to read it. :)

  4. Holly what a great job! I have the book already so don't pick me! I'm so glad you have gotten to know Christie. She is one of the sweetest people on the face of the earth! You can and will learn so much from her. She is one of my dearest "adoption" friends! Love to you and the fam.

  5. When are you doing your CALL training... Keith is one of the trainers and I have heard that he is very good... not bragging here, this is just what I have been told by people! I know he will do a weekend this fall but we have not picked a date yet, let me know when you are going and we can see if he can do it!
    I am so proud of you! We need to meet at a park and play!!!