Sunday, May 13, 2012

My Mom

Me and my Ma, circa 2006

I have the best mom. Truly. I do. I got to pray with my mom tonight. Hearing my mom's voice as she prayed brought back a flood of memories. I remember getting in bed between cool, flowery pink sheets and my mom coming in to pray with me. I remember her striped nightshirt, eye glasses and lots of cold cream. She would gather my little girl self into her arms and cuddle me while she prayed for me. Hearing her pray tonight almost made me sleepy. I wasn't tired, but I remember how her prayers over me helped me to rest and relax. I don't really remember what she prayed, but I remember that she prayed just for me. I have three sisters and this time with just my mom was so sweet. She would kiss me goodnight and I would wipe the cold cream off my face and go to sleep. :) 

I sometimes forget what a treasure it is to have a mother who loves the Lord. She personally walked through many, many dark times during my childhood, yet she still followed Jesus and loved my sisters and I so much. My mom has never given up on me. I was not an easy child or teenager. I did not comply, I talked constantly and I was really loud. Oh, I was disrespectful to boot. But, my mom. She just loved me. She always made me think she wanted me around. She wanted to listen to me. She wanted to hug me. When I lived with her for a short time during college I felt so loved. We would talk until late in the night, cook dinner together, watch movies and have many of my friends over. She made my friends feel loved too. To this day, my mom still loves my friends. 

Thank you, mom, for loving me. For loving my friends, for letting me have 20 girls over for a sleepover at the very last minute, for laughing at my cigar smoking 18 year old self and not freaking out, for laughing at my jokes, for letting me sleep in the floor of your bedroom till I was 16 because I was scared, for praying for the Lord to send me a husband soon (it worked), for praying me through my Algebra final in college, for cheering me on as I finally chose a major and then (gasp!) graduated from college. Thank you for loving my husband, thank you for always hoping for the best in him, thank you for loving Gramm, Vivian and Brooklyn...thank you for sitting and cuddling with them, for laughing at their jokes and for listening to their stories. Thank you for loving our first foster child and never, ever, ever making me feel crazy for wanting more babies even after I had twins. Thank you so much for believing in me. I love you, Mom. I am beyond thankful for you. 

My Ma and her Ma, my Nana, two of my favorite women

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  1. I DID want to be around you, I wasn't just trying to make you think that. :) Thank you so much for such sweet words. I'm going to print this and put it in my "You are loved" jar that you made me. You are currently my favorite. ;-D